Don't Like Writing Documentation? Then Don't, and Learn To Be More Effective

Learn how my team and I have become more effective documenters and communicators by writing less documentation.

An impressive staircase inside of an old library, with books and paneling lining the walls
Photo by Ivo Rainha / Unsplash

If I broadcasted a survey to 10,000 software engineers asking how many of them love to write technical documentation, I would expect a few hundred at best to give me a firm yes. Yet, many of us would argue that this kind of effort is essential to any commercial software application of substantial size.

Therefore, that notion begs these questions:

  • Is there a way to make something so essential stink less?
  • Can it be made more clear and more effective for both the producer and consumer?

I have witnessed firsthand that the answer to those questions is a resounding yes. First, however, I had to nearly stop creating all written documentation before I embarked on a new journey.