Extend the Android Jetpack Navigation Component: Part I - Telephone & Web URLs

Learn the very basics of extending the Android Jetpack navigation component by introducing custom destination handlers for web links and telephone numbers.

A classic, red London telephone booth
Photo by KMA . / Unsplash

The Android Jetpack Navigation Component has both revolutionized and standardized how routing is done on Android. Yet, as with every evolution, there is a learning curve to adapt existing conventions to new implementations. Let's see how we can adapt this library to route users to a telephone number and web URLs.

This article is part of a series that is to be published over the coming weeks. During this series, I will cover the following topics, all repackaged to leverage the Android Jetpack Navigation Component:

  1. Telephone & Web URLs (this article)
  2. Reusable Dialogs
  3. External Apps With Fallback to the Play Store
  4. Application Info
  5. Activities With a Result
  6. Chrome Custom Tabs
  7. Task Clearing Activities
  8. Fragments With Custom Behaviors
  9. 3rd-Party SDK Routing