The 4-Step Plan to Make Yourself Invaluable

Showing your value at work doesn't always feel natural, even if it is quite simple. In doing so, you'll cement your reputation.

A group of three engineers working with a fourth person to help him out.
Photo by Jud Mackrill / Unsplash

Since first setting foot in the workplace, we've been told we're replaceable. It does not matter if your job is in an office, manufacturing plant, or on the road; that statement stood firm in its place. COVID has done a great deal to embolden that ideology, especially in the office and engineering sectors, where employees have been gifted the opportunity to work remotely.

Thus, we have an open and honest question before us. What can be done to improve your standing both for yourself and your employer? I have given this notion meticulous thought and boiled my experience down into four measurable and actionable steps you can use to boost your posture.