Want to Save Money on DevOps? Then Spend It.

Just like going to college or putting money in the stock market, sometimes the best way to save or earn money is to spend the right kind of money.

A woman at the National Cancer Institute sitting at a desk with a binder in front of an IBM computer
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

Continuous integration and continuous deployment are all the rage these days, but unless you know how to do them correctly, it'll probably put you in a rage. This notion is certainly at odds with what CI and CD intend to deliver. Nevertheless, a host of companies have lined up to offer shiny, new tools for doing this process, and they all promise that it will infuse your team with new levels of productivity heretofore unseen.

As engineers, we have seen our fair share of unrealized fairytales, and this pledge is no different. Is there something about these tools that can distinguish fleeting fantasy from reliable reality? My professional experience would argue that there is one central key; a concept which spans all providers and approaches. It is a key that lies at the heart of all CI/CD services, and it sets apart the good ones from the great ones. It'll be an investment in your team and your company that you cannot afford to miss.